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Information for Organisations

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We provide the skills you need immediately – it can be same day

As an employer and client of FCS we can provide the right solution by allowing you to:

  • Keep the skills of the people you want without being a direct employer.  We provide an arm’s length separation for the re-engagement of former employees.
  • Retain valuable in-house knowledge after a retrenchment or retirement of key staff.
  • Maintain your personnel budget or FTE cap, as the employee is not on your payroll.
  • Try before you employ. There is no charge if you employ the person fulltime after first engaging them through FCS.

By becoming a FCS client you:

  • Have the protection of dealing with an incorporated company rather than an individual.
  • Have the skills you need immediately – it is a quick process – can be same day.
  • Know in advance exactly how much it will cost you as there are no hidden costs.
  • Have a flexible contractual relationship and terms and conditions are negotiable.
  • Are assured of full insurance cover, workers compensation and professional indemnity, public and or products liability and cover for your organisation’s vehicles that a FCS employee may be driving.
  • Can access both long and short term engagements.
  • Can request FCS to source the right personnel for your organisation.

FCS has over 18 Health and Safety policies for all its employees ensuring you are fully covered.  These include policies for OHS, WHS Management, Drug and Alcohol, Bullying, Manual Handling and Motor Vehicle Usage.  We also have industry leading documentation procedures for, but not limited to, Incident Reporting, Counselling and Disciplinary Action.

Please call us on (03) 6231 9666 if you would like to review any of these.

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