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Information for Employees

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You find the organisations and enterprises that you want to work with

As an employee of FCS you are provided with the separation that allows you to work with previous employers that you may be unable to do so directly due to termination, redundancy, retrenchment or retirement clauses.

You are able to:

  • Choose the organisations and enterprises that you want to work with. In most cases you find the employment opportunity.
  • Negotiate your own fee above or at award rates and your terms and conditions directly with an organisation or enterprise.
  • Work with a number of different organisations should you want to but only have one employer with a regular payday. There is no waiting for payment.

By becoming a Flexible Contracting Services employee you are:

  • Fully covered by professional indemnity insurance and public and/or products liability insurance. This continues for up to five years after the employment has ceased which significantly reduces your risk.
  • Working under a company structure that includes coverage for workers compensation and motor vehicle insurance when driving a vehicle supplied by the client.
  • Entitled to have superannuation guarantee contributions paid together with the ability for you to salary sacrifice or make voluntary contributions if desired.
  • Supported by a professional full back-office for payroll and HR.
  • Given full flexibility for the length of your contract. It can be a casual engagement, short term or long term.

FCS has over 18 Health and Safety policies ensuring you are fully covered and protected when working for us.  Please call us on (03) 6231 9666 if you would like to review these.

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